Homedics Duo Permanent Hair Reduction & Facial Skin Rejuvenation (Navy/Silver)

by Homedics
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R 4,999.00
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  • Glides like a shaver for fast full body treatment
  • Skin sensor for safe operation and maximum efficacy
  • 5 energy levels - adjustable to your skin type
  • Long life replaceable cartridge - includes up to 50,000 flashes
  • Up to 1 flash per second for fast, continuous coverage 

Skin rejuvenation:
The pulsed light stimulates fibroblasts by inducing the production of new collagen fibres that give tone to the skin smoothing out wrinkles and expression lines."

Hair removal:
A broad-spectrum light pulse is converted into heat energy and causes the selective destruction of the hair follicle, without affecting the surrounding biological structures.

What’s in the box:
Duo Pro handset, hair removal cartridge, facial hair removal cartridge, skin rejuvenation cartridge, user manual, adaptor